Welcome to Pine Hill Park

            The park offers a unique 300 acre, highly refined 16 mile singletrack trail system

        offering some of the very best:

        Mountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Walking,

        GPS‘ing/Geocaching, Snowshoeing

        in the central Vermont region.

        (Sorry No ATV Access)


Pine Hill


A non-profit volunteer organization formed to steward the 300 acre woods of Pine Hill Park.

Through the cooperation of the Rutland Recreation Department, the organization has brought about the transformation seen throughout the park.

Partnering and coordinating many local groups, individuals, businesses, schools and agencies, The Pine Hill Partnership has painstakingly formed the park’s uniquely diverse and beautiful 16 mile trail system.

Tens of thousands of strenuous man-hours has created the flowy singletrack trails through difficult and rocky terrain. All the pickaxing, shoveling, bridge building, and signage as been entirely donated by volunteers coordinated through and by The Pine Hill Partnership.

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